Measuring Instructions for your new flooring
It is very simple to measure for flooring. Most wood flooring, cork, tile and laminate flooring is measured by the square foot. Most carpets and vinyl are measured by square yard.

When measuring for square footage: Simply multiply length x width of any room. This equals your square footage. (length x width = sq.ft) Add an additional 10% for waste. Remember to take measurements for length x width of every room separately.

Things to remember-
Most areas of the home can be divided into square or rectangular shapes, therefore simple length x width calculations will determine square footage in most cases. In the event you have a:

Triangular area-
measure the length of side 1 and multiply it by the length of side 2 and divide by 2 for the square footage. Basically a triangle is ½ of a square.

Circle area-
treat it as a square measuring to the widest point.
Determining the number of cartons of flooring to order-
Flooring is sold in full cartons only. For Example if you measure that you need 876sf of flooring with waste and you would like to purchase flooring that is sold in 17.6 sf/carton you will require 50 cartons of flooring because 876 divided by 17.6= 49.77 cartons. 50 cartons x 17.6 = 880 sf of flooring you will need to purchase.

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