Floor Planning

What You Want To Consider Before You Plan Your Flooring:

Your Budget - Flooring for your home is a significant investment, but it adds substantial value to your home in the process so it is definitely a worthy investment.

Wood Colour - You will find an amazing variety of colors amid the hardwood selection. If you have wood trim in your home you should select a stain of your hardwood floors that will compliment your existing wood and fit with the collective tone of your rooms.

Type of Floor – You will need to consider a few things: location where you can install each type of floor (look below), durability of each type according to the level of traffic that the room will handle.

Style – size, species, surface and finish should be compatible with the style of your house. Hand scraped, rustic hardwood floors are a suitable choice in country look style, for example, and laminate strip flooring will work well in a contemporary room.

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